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Getting Started

Not sure where to begin?  Please refer to our "Getting Started" guide


Who can use LearnHQ?

Anyone can visit the site and browse the learning opportunities or professional information resources.  However at present, only employees or trustees of Ontario public library systems can:

  • Register for learning opportunities.
  • Use the “My Dashboard” feature to track their training,  participate in discussions, and develop a learning plan.

In many cases, learning opportunities or mentorship programs offered by different organizations are open to anyone, and not just restricted to Ontario public library staff.   Even though you can’t use the portal to register and organize this training, you may still be able to take it.  Please contact an organization directly to find out if and how you can register for their specific learning opportunity.

Help and Support

  • LearnHQ has a “Help” section at the top right (black band) of our web page.  
  • If you need further assistance, you can also contact us at support@learnhq.ca. Staff will provide technical support to users and escalate issues to the service provider when needed.


Registration and payment/billing 

How will I be billed for this course?

Training offered by SOLS will be billed quarterly to the user's library.  If you wish to pay for a course independently, let us know by contacting support@learnhq.ca, and we’ll make sure not to add the cost to the library’s bill. You’ll receive one yourself.

For some learning opportunities, LearnHQ provides a link to another site for registration (e.g. OLS-North Conference, EI Institute Webinars, etc.).  In those cases, the billing options will be determined by the host site.

So as a rule of thumb:

  • For most of the learning opportunities offered by OLS-North and SOLS, we are using LearnHQ to handle both registration and hosting.  SOLS and OLS-North will continue to invoice as required.
  • For OLA, we are simply adding a link back to the OLA site for registration and payment.
  • In the future, LearnHQ will include learning opportunities from other external organizations (e.g. library organizations outside of Ontario, colleges and universities, etc.).  You’ll find that for these events, LearnHQ will also redirect you to external sites for registration and payment.  

Why can’t I pay for my courses online?

While LearnHQ aims to become the one place to look to find training, registration and payment for some training opportunities may be hosted elsewhere for some time to come. 

Why is that?  Well, while gathering all the training opportunities in one place is doable, processing financial transactions for multiple organizations from one site is difficult and expensive.  In addition, some libraries have told us they prefer invoicing rather than online payment.  In the next few years, we will be looking at ways to provide online payments that respect the individual payment choices of both libraries and training providers, and that allow us to conduct transactions in a safe and secure environment.  

What is the cancellation policy if I register and am unable to attend?

Please note – These are the cancellation policies for programs hosted on LearnHQ only, where fees are involved.  For some learning opportunities, LearnHQ provides a link to another site for registration (e.g. OLS-North Conference, EI Institute Webinars, etc.).  In those cases, the cancellation options will be determined by the host site – please contact them directly.

Workshops: A workshop fee will only be credited if a cancellation is received by SOLS a minimum of 10 days before the event in the case of a full day workshop, and a minimum of 5 days before the event in the case of a half day workshop.

Webinars: A webinar fee will only be credited if a cancellation is received by SOLS a minimum of 2 working days before the event.

Online Tutorials: Online tutorial fees will not be refunded, unless a student makes their instructor aware of a cancellation within one week of the start date of the course.

Certificate and Diploma Programs:

  • EXCEL and Advanced EXCEL - Students who wish to drop out of a course must do so in writing to their tutor for that course. To receive a partial refund of the registration fee the student must submit notification on or before the due date of the second assignment.
  • APLL – Once paid, APLL fees are non-refundable.

For further clarification of the procedure for withdrawals, please contact SOLS at 1-800-387-5765.

I've been put on a waitlist for a course/webinar etc.  What do I do?

If a session is full, we’ll accept names for a waiting list. This helps us plan for additional sessions if warranted. And sometimes, if there are cancellations we can let one or two more into the course. You’ll receive an email notification if you move off the waitlist into a session.

How do I drop a class?

If you'd like to drop a class, please contact us using the form to the left, or email support@learnhq.ca.

Accessing your profile and learning history (dashboard)

What is a profile on LearnHQ and who can see it?

Every public library employee is entitled to a personal account on LearnHQ.   Each account will have its own unique profile page.  Users will be able to see their whole profile.  A portion of their profiles will be viewable by LearnHQ System Administrators.


I’m a student, how can I show my manager that I've completed a course/webinar etc?

You’ll be able to print off your Dashboard from the site, which will show your past courses and that they were Awarded.  

I’m a manager, how can I tell which courses my staff have completed?

You’ll be able to ask employees of your library to print out their personal Dashboard for you. This will tell you whether a course was Awarded, Dropped or Cancelled. We’re also looking into whether it will be possible to run a report for a library around billing time, so that they can see whether the courses the library paid for were completed by their staff.

I’m an EXCEL/Advanced EXCEL/APLL etc graduate and can’t see my learning history on the site. Why not?

We've added in learning histories for most students at this point. If you don't think the Past view on your dashboard in accurate, please let us know. Use the Contact Us button to the left.

I've taken other courses in the past from OLA\OLS-NORTH\SOLS, and I can’t see my learning history on the site. Why not?

While we will be adding in learning histories for students who have taken diploma and/or certificate programs (e.g. EXCEL, Advanced EXCEL, APLL), we cannot add in all the workshops, webinars, and online training that you have taken in the past at this time.  We also have no way of knowing what training you have taken with “external” organizations (e.g. library organizations outside of Ontario, colleges and universities, etc.).  We are working on the ability for you to add that “external” learning to your profile, as part of a future phase of development in LearnHQ.

Where can I find Workshop and Webinar Materials after I've attended those events?

Handouts are posted in your “My Dashboard” area, within the class, if the presenter makes them available.

Resources area 

What is the Resources area?  Can I make suggestions for resources?

The Resources area is a comprehensive source of information on a diverse range of library topics.  It provides annotated links to information provided by our partner organizations (OLA, OLS-North, SOLS) as well as external sources.

We would be happy to hear of other great resources to add to our pages - please send your suggestions to support@learnhq.ca. 

Staying informed 

How do I keep on top of the new training offerings for LearnHQ?

  • Subscribe to our Twitter feed, or sign up for the SOLS Training Bulletin - this comes out three times a year and highlights what's new on LearnHQ
  • Our news section will list new courses, as will the "New Courses" area on your dashboard!

Contributing training to LearnHQ

I've developed some great staff training.  Can I contribute my training materials to LearnHQ?

If you are willing to share it, we can host it! Learn HQ is looking for staff training programs developed by Ontario public libraries.  Please visit Share Training for more information.

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