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MentorMatch links Ontario library staff who want support for their growth and development with other library staff with more experience and expertise.   
At present, the following Mentorship Programs are open for enrollment:

1. Ontario Library Association Mentoring

MentorMatch - OLA

The Ontario Library Association Mentoring Program strives to link working library staff with students, new graduates and other library staff interested in a career in libraries and related fields. The duration of the mentoring relationship is a minimum of six months. In some cases this may last longer depending the mentor and mentee. The program is intentionally open-ended so participants can design the mentorship according to their own needs and interests.  

To learn more about the program and how to register, visit the OLA Mentoring website.

Administered by:

the Southern Ontario Library Service, in collaboration with Ontario Library Service-North and the Ontario Library Association.


Supported by:

the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is gratefully acknowledged